Wednesday, 17 December 2008

1 Month later

I went back for my 1 month tuning. Everything start to quiet down, it was not loud as it was when I had my last tuning because my brain got used to all the new noises. This was right time to go back for next tuning.

we did the usual test, where I had to let Claire know when it got too loud, not confortable to listen. we had to do this for every frequencies. I forgot how many there were because it took ages to go through every single ones! I was there for 1 and half hour.
After I was disconnected, everything sound much better again, much louder than when I arrived. Claire said, I must expect few more new sounds because we had the volume turned up again.

I complained that the magnet did not stay on my head when I was resting on settee or when I stroke my hair or even when I shake my head. The swelling have come down and it look, I was ready for the next strength. I was given new magnet which was a little stronger than old one. I felt better as now it does not fall off when I stroke my hair. I dont have fringe, and need keep hair off my face for people to see me!

What I heard this time:
  • Rosie's collar make noise when she move
  • wind blowing
  • my zip when I fasten or unfasten my coat

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