Thursday, 25 December 2008

problem solved!

I drove first time to Nottingham, with Emily and Sarah first time since the operation without any adults in the car. It was scary as got two roundabouts to focus on!

Met up with Claire, she explain its common problem, brain absorb sound information in different speed, for me my brain was absorbing very fast. Claire turned the volume up for me and that was relief! back to "normal" for me!! with higher volume, I hear few more new sounds.. for example, i now can hear the keyboard of the computer and keypad of the mobile phones. tapping and clicking away.

After the appointment, we went straight back to Derby with a mission to wear Emily and Sarah out ready for Father Christmas.

What we have done today, which I am completely worn out from!
  • 1 hour swimming
  • 1 hour ice skating - thats outdoor in freezing afternoon!
  • Coffee with Lisa and her children after skating to warm up
  • A meal at harvester - could not be bother to cook!!

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