Tuesday, 13 January 2009

I cannot believe it!!!

I went to my class for a University course, but in Ripley.

Oh boy! Dont realise how much noise the traffic could make at this time of the evening.
My class is in the heart of Ripley, just round the corner from Council House. There is so much traffic going past the centre where my class is. All the 3 hours I have been in the class, I could hear...
  • The horn from the cars
  • Lorries going past
  • Bins being emptied by dustbin lorry -rather loud!
  • siren - not sure if it's police, fire or ambulance - rather loud!
  • cars speeding past quickly- roaring sound

My interpreter, I can now sympathise her. She could not relay everything being said in the class, and had to ask them to repeat everything.

I cannot believe that University allows a class to run in a very noisy environment!!!

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  1. yes i agrree that its extrememly noisy!!! Especially if u have a cochlear implant when we are driving on the moterway all i can hear is a roaring sound which is very noisy on the road! its quieter when ur not on the moterway at lewast u can hear the radio if u have the radio or speakers on the side of the implant!! :)