Friday, 9 January 2009

Terror in the car!

My first day back to work after Christmas holiday. I got to St Giles church in Sinfin, where I teach level 1 sign language, early. It was too early for me to go in. I stayed in car for 10 mintues.

I heard a quiet noise, sound like a knock. I looked around, nothing! no one around. I ignore it, but it did again, I looked around, nothing again. It was same again and again, I started to get spooky as it was scaring to hear the knocking sound when no one around to knock the windows. I looked at the windscreen, and saw these drip of water from the tree I parked underneath, it has been raining very early morning. I realise that every time water hit my windscreen, it make knocking noise!

Oh boy! it was so scary!!

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