Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas with family

I wonder how many deaf people really do enjoy their Christmas with their families? Apart from receiving presents.

It's this time of year again where I go visit my family at my Mum's house. I feel like I watching Television, with all members of my family in front, speaking in Mickey Mouse language! No subtitles, no sign language interpreter box! They complete forgot about me being there.

Oh boy! I got better things to do than sitting and watching them laugh over goddess know what. I am thinking about the cleaning job I have to do at home that had to put on hold for this gathering. My house is in tip because we had to move our fridge/freezer to another room was called pantry as where it was , was too cold and causing the fridge/freezer to stop working.

Yes some of my family can sign fluently but they could not be bother because I am the invisible person because of my deafness, this had been going on since as long I remember. My family always says my favourite word is "what?" because I always say it!! No wonder because I want to know what everyone are saying, not wanting to leave me out!
This year I got pretty fed up of saying "what" so I said nothing but sit back and watch them like television with them speaking in foregin language like Chinese

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  1. Hi, I agree, that is exactly what my Christmas is like. Great receiving presents, and food and wine and company but what on earth are they saying? Yes Mickey Mouse language - drive me nuts!!! Do they expect me to hear cos now I have CI? It's pretty hurtful at times seeing them laugh away, having fun chatting away, and me not being able to join in.