Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Bubble Gum!

I went back to my class first time since the operation, as I was fairly confident to drive to Ripley now after being switched on. It was a long and scary drive, not having anyone sit next to me and also its first time I drove back home at night. I never droven in the dark since the operation.

My goddess! this was first time I ever heard.. bubble gum being chewed and popped!! How annoying it was in the classroom! All I heard in the classroom was teeth clicking (I cant describe in english... HELP!!) then pop... again and again for 3 whole hours...

Not only that.. just after the break.. 2 people decide to open packet of crisp.. and eat it during the lecture!!!! rustling and crunching it goes for the last hour of the class!!

How rude!!!!!

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