Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Going freelance

I need to start looking for different job, because where I work as sign language and deaf awareness teacher, not reliable wage, dont pay me throughout summer! imagine 3 months without pay??
There is not much teaching in Sign Language because everyone now find its too expensive to enrol in classes, thats why alot of classes closed down because not enough people come.

I already working self employment with Derby Bunny Haven, running my own animals holiday hotel, but the money is not good, not enough to help James pay the mortage.

I enjoy teaching deaf awareness, and meet a lot of people who want to be able to communicate with deaf, not just Deaf people who use sign language.
I get a bit fed up, because everyone know I teach sign language, as I have taught since 1992. They assume, because I teach sign language, I cannot lipread or talk at all. so some people get scare and run off to avoid talking to me!!
What people do not know is that I did not learn sign language until I was about 12yrs, so how did they expect me to communicate beforehand? I only learnt to sign, so that I would not feel isolated at the Royal school for the Deaf, with everyone using sign language.

I want to go as freelance, teaching Deaf awareness and basic sign language to businesses and companies.
I going to register with "Signatures" (Its new name for CACDP) to enable me to provide assessments for level 1 and 2 in deaf awareness.

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