Saturday, 24 January 2009

Deaf Teacher's Voice DVD

Woah.. DVD came in the post.. I forgot all about it, Easter 2008 I helped EMCETT organisation help set up a DVD for college and University, raise deaf aware in Education.

All Teachers who only complete City and Guilds 730 in teacher training, have to repeat their qualification, to raise standard of quality up to level 5 by 2010. So I was already doing teacher training (Diploma in Lifelong learning Sector) so the feedback on my experience in University was proven valuable. I had a lot to say about my course, especially about the poor interprter struggle to listen over background noises.

I watched the DVD and found myself in the DVD about 4 times..It was scary to see myself on DVD!! I dont look too bad in there!

DVD is called "Deaf voice in Teacher Education" produced by Action Deafness. It is strongly recommeded for College/University staff to watch!!

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