Friday, 13 February 2009

listening skills

I went back to Ropewalk, this time with my mum. We met Susan Stone, the speech and Language Therapist.
I was so impressive with myself, Susan did some tests to assess how much I can hear, I manage to tell susan the correct sounds for each word on clothing and weather. She was actually surprise how far advanced I was with sound work.. Especially with building works going on outside (can hear the hammering and drilling!!!!)

Susan gave me some advice how to keep working on the sounds.. with my mum's help. Mum going to read me articles from magazine or book, and I have to follow it, also play more board games which involve talking.

I have been online googling for website I could use as I am very motivating to try work on it. I wanted to be able to listen and communicate without rely heavy on lip reading.. my milestone would be to talk on the phone with my family.
This is the website I found online:
Bionicear listening site

Another one I have not yet to try.. is Storynory I am not sure if they do what I am looking for... I wanted something where I can read a book, does not matter online or offline.. and listen at the same time. Ebook only do books without sounds... Audiobooks only do sounds without books!! I wanted in between..
I going find out tomorrow when I am more wake as I am tired from working hard at Ropewalk with Susan.

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