Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Hark I hear thunder...

Woah today weather.. what is it? of course it's british weather.. what do you expect??

we had sort of April shower all day..

today driving home from work.. I stopped the car to listen.. It was thunder storm. I listen hard, it was difficult, because I was in the car, hearing the rain hitting the windscreen...
I heard thunder.. strange sound it was.. sort of rumble sound.. it was very quiet sound.

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  1. Re your last entry, I agree with you on that. I actually grew up orally but a few years ago I moved into a bigger city where there is a large Deaf community - I've since then learnt to sign and I love signing! Although I do still talk at times, I can now understand from a deaf person's perspective about freedom of sign language.

    Anyway, nice blog :)