Friday, 10 July 2009

Ear Foundation Interpreter problems

The reason of not having interpreter at adult days was... they too expensive! £600 a day for TWO interpreters!!! Blimey!!!!!

I have suggesting that they could use volunteers, ask Level 2 and 3 to come and volunteer to help sign.

This will prevent the the problem arising from the last adult day in May.

This is what they going to do..

If you know anyone who want to volunteering with communication, You are on level 2 course/pass level 2 (must be good signing and pretty confident) or Level 3
please contact them and they will have a chat with you to see if you are good enough to cope with us evil CI adults!

1 comment:

  1. I asked for interpreter for my 5 day yachtmaster course in 2007, the quote was £250 per day and they told me that thats what DLA is for... I don't even get that per month!!, i was flabbersagted.. so had my dad to help instead. £250/£300... what on earth they need that much money for! do they think that deafs are made of money??
    But what you suggested is great Idea.