Thursday, 23 July 2009


I must gone crazy!

I tried attempt to ring my grandfather, just to check they are at home, so that i could pop over to see them.

I did use the phone before with hearing aid, just to use a few simple words that I recognised like Hello, what, Yes and no.

I dialled the phone... few seconds, I wonder why there was no ringing tone which should be there.. mmm I wonder if faulty with my phone, then i suddenly realise I was holding it like I did when I worn hearing aid!! - above the ear where the hearing aid microphone is NOT in the ear like normal perople do!

D'oh!! I quickly move my phone to in the ear area and heard Nana trying to say hello, hello.

Ops!! I must remember to stop move the phone above the ear!!

The best thing was when I said "Don't forget put the kettle on" I heard nana laugh.. It was really weird to hear her laugh

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