Sunday, 26 July 2009

Hee hee!

I just joined David Lloyds Leisure centre, just off Pride Park, it was about £15 more than I paid at Virgins Active for me and my 2 girls.

I attempted on recommendation of staff there to try Body Balance Class. Thought it would help teach/train my brain to focus on how to balance.

Ermm.. did it go well?? ! I thought I did pretty well for first time. No I did not let one foot off the ground as I though my fall would hurt that much if I did try attempt to lift one foot off the ground! I did wobble alot, but my CI came off more than one time.
I better think how to make it stay in place. mmmmmm

I had a problem following the instructions from the instructor because the mike was blocking her mouth, so I could not lip read her. It was much harder to hear her voice over the music in the background.

We have booked myself in for Body Jam on Saturday. This is sort of areobic and dancing all in one. Let's hope I do well in this.. no falling all over the place like I did at Body Balance!

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  1. i would enjoy somehting like that me thinks
    an exhausting aerobic dance as long as it wasnt too fast! hehe

    as for that group, we kicked on facebook, we kicked her off the group and deleted all the memebers so no one could join it! it is now unusuable! hehe x