Thursday, 22 January 2009

Leek Soup

I was at Greengrocer the other day, and wanted to try something with sweet potato instead of normal potato...
Ah! I decide try make into soup!!

Here how I did.. no measurement.. but enough for four people.

3 sweet potato.. peel the skin off and chopped up small pieces
2 leeks.. peel skin off and chop ends off.. then chopped small pieces
1 onion.. same again peel skin off, chop ends off and then chopped small pieces

put them in stock pot with 1 pint hot water and 2 oxo.. we use vegetable oxo.. (can use beef or chicken oxo)

boil until very soft.. about 15 mins (you could on slow cooker for 3 hours but my slow cooker seems have gone busted!)
take off cooker and then blend it user blender.. until smooth..
Add black pepper.

put back cooker for 5 mins and then it should be hot enough to eat with bread and butter!! (no bread and butter for me as I on diet!!)

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