Saturday, 29 August 2009

Kos holiday

We went for our family holiday first time in 3 years. We flew to Kos, an island in Greece.
We stayed 1 whole week, and it was hot and sunny 34c - 38c, a bit chilly in the evening which was fine for me. No problem get to sleep at night!

Not too many cars around, but lot of motorbikes roaring past. we walked nearly everywhere which was nice but difficult for me because I had to watch for the bikes and look where i am going!

all week, I heard strange little noises!! James and the girls just ignore them, but it was so annoying and loud!

It was mainly insects, not sure which, making alot of noise all day and night! "clicking" noise.
Not only insects, I heard the wooden pigeon! I was surprised because I hear this noise in my garden at home, but in Kos????

It was nice to hear the wave crashing to the rocks, it sound clear compare to when I worn hearing aid. It was like "music to my ears"

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